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Web freer free download full version Web freer Web freer free download full version Web freer 1Web freer is a fast browser that encrypts HTTPS browsing sessions, open blocked sites, and protects user privacy. HTTPS is automatic when launching the browser, no manual configuration is required. Web Freer is based on open source project Chromium. It is similar to Chromium browser but with HTTPS connection always.

Web freer free download is it never slow down your internet speed because Web freer is same browser like Google Chrome and Firefox and this web browser is very secure because it access all information through HTTPS secure connection.

Web freer full version protect your online privacy by proxy your web surfing with our HTTPS proxy server. In this software your real location and identity remains strictly private. Easily you can access any website through this browser. It is especially helpful for those users who surf under the ISP that block site like Google,YouTube,Facebook,Twitter etc.

Web freer Features:-

  • Automatically change the IP address on the computer to hide the identity when surfing the Web.
  • User friendly setup.
  • Provide quite a powerful and safe web browser for users.
  • Allow users to hide their identity when accessing Internet.
  • Access Internet safely and secure the personal information and also sensitive documents absolutely.
  • Easy to Use and Searching.
  • With Web Freer, you can surf the Web freely without worrying that sneakers are tracking your activities to steal your
  • personal information, accounts for bad purposes.
  • Free Proxy Server.
  • Allow connecting Internet at high speed, with the absolute safety and stability.
  • Access any website easily.


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